Sunday, May 28, 2006

I figured I'd give you all a quick update:
I'm in Georgia now, it's beautiful, mountains and everything!

It's been a busy weekend and I'll be glad for the rest the week brings.

Friday night I went to dinner with some of my uncles younger friends, who are like...25-30, but don't seem that old at all. I was invited to the Marine house for happy hour, but since 1. I don't drink, and 2. I had plans, I didn't go. Maybe some other time when I'm going with someone I know, besides the random guard at the gate who asked me to.
Umm...lets see what else...
The big adventure today was that we got to go to the REAL grocery store, One of the girls came up solely for that purpose, so she drove 5 hours to go to a grocery store, they have alot of things that you can't get in yerevan, most notably: Ramen noodles.

I think I'd better head out, miss you guys tons and tons!

Monday, May 22, 2006

Hello friends, not friends, random strangers, Paul the guy who was grilling me about how to access my blog, and everyone else!

Good afternoon, or morning for most of you. I am in the beautiful city of Yerevan Armenia. My flight was good, weekend hectically crazy, and now I'm a little bit tired.

Lets see.

Friday, I spent most of my day in the airport. Meaning I was in the airport, or on an airplane from 8 a.m. to 12 a.m. (subtract for of those hours for a time change) So, Friday night I arrived in armenia, as we were driving in my uncle told me a few things.
1. The casino's are used to send "bad money" through, and get "good money" meaning, that people who sell illegal things, go to the casino's and play the money they got from their illegal sale, and then get clean money that won't be traced.
2. The city is generally poor, which is visible from the street, many buildings are missing windows or roofs. Many have just fallen into disrepair as people don't have the funds to keep them up.
3. Drivers are horrible, in one night I saw probably 4-5 people drive into the opposite lane simply because they didn't feel the need to sit at a red light, or something to the effect.

My uncle woke me up, and we went to a yard sale at the embassy where I met a million people whoes names I don't remember. After the yardsale we went home and took a nap, when I awoke, I found myself red. I had gotten sunburnt! Oh no! So, now my nose, arms, chest, and forehead that were exposed to the sun are recovering from a sunburn. I look like a tomato...or a pomegranite (sp?) a pomegranite is more fitting as it is seen everywhere in paintings and pictures here.
After I slept, I showered, to prepare for a party later that evening. Around 10 some of my uncles friends started to arrive, my uncle has a very nice garden/sun room type area, and that's where he was doing his entertaining.
We stayed up 'till around 3 watching EuroVision, a show very like American Idol, except that in this one it is the countries of Europe competing for the top spot. The Armenian contestant made it to be number 7. The winners, from Finland, made a total mockery of the contest by dressing in monster suits, and performing a song called "Hard Rock, Hallelujah" it was VERY funny.
At about 3, my uncles friends wanted to go to the clubs, so what the heck I might as well go, right? So I went. Quite interesting. The clubs are located underneath other buildings and have this very...tombish feel to them, not very appealing at all.
Sunday afternoon we met my uncles friend for lunch at the Marriot, which happens to be where all of the Americans eat. From there we went to the market, where traditional carpets, and other things are sold.
Went home, watched a movie, and then went to his bosses house for a barbecue with many of the people from the night before. It was a pretty enjoyable time. The thing that makes it interesting is the diversity of people who come together to forge relationships. There are Cynthia and her husband (Whoes name I forgot, oops) Paul and his wife, whoes name I also forgot. Anyway, paul and his wife are in their early 60's, probably, while cynthia and her husband are about 30 something, probably. They have the funniest friendship I've probably ever seen, constantly joking, and picking on each other, like would never be possible in the states. In the States, such a diverse group would probably never come together to form the friendships that they have here, and it's really amazing.

The landscape here is just gorgeous, the embassy is set on a hill overlooking lake yerevan, and the compound is beautifully landscaped. The weather has been GORGEOUS since I got here, and I can't wait to get out and explore the city. Unfortunately I won't be able to show pictures, as camera's are not allowed in the embassy. I will do my best though.

So far I'm loving my stay, this weekend we're going to Teblise (sp?) in Georgia, and my uncle has trips planned for the other two weekends that I'm here!
I do miss you all terribly though, and it's hard having no-one else here who speaks enough english to actually carry a conversation, unless they're from the embassy, and then it's like...I'm just an outsider who'll be gone in a few weeks.

Oh well. Love you all tons and tons.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Lets see.


-St. pauls Cathedral
- LOTS AND LOTS OF STAIRS, my legs were literally shaking when we came down from the top of the dome.
- It was gorgeous though, and well worth it, I loved it.

Movin' Out
- A play with the only sound being songs by Billy Joel.
- Directed by twila tharp
- Obscene in places, but highly entertaining.


- Thames River Cruise/ London Eye
- Very high
- Beautiful view
- It was fun trying to pick out which places we'd been to.

- Cabinet War Rooms/ winston churchill museum
- VERY Educational.
- did a very good job of explaining, and developing who Winston Churchhill was, as more than the Prime Minister.

I've gotten some pretty good ideas for some speeches, and in case you didn't know, I won the VFW contest I entered in November (or did I tell you that in my alst post?)

We're going to dinner now. Seeyaaaaa

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

These are some pictures from my last few days.

Today we went to the Tower of London, tomorrow we're going to The Eye, and St Pauls Cathedral.

Fun times. (The Narnia picture is from the staircase of a toystore, lots of pictures of that!)
Time to be going.

Some of you have postcards on the way, love you all.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Well, we've been quite busy today.

This morning we got up early, after a late night, to go see the changing of the guard at Buckingham palace. Then, we walked over to Westminster Abbey, and did the tour of that. The building is gorgeous. From there we took the tube to Lester Square, bought tickets to Les Mis, then got lunch at a pub. The "Traditional fish and chips" it was good, actually, very nice.

I do have alot of pictures to put up, the problem is that I'm actually "on my way" back to the hotel and don't have the cord with me, so you'll just have to wait a bit longer.

The fashions here are so...amazing, the barriers that we have in the states aren't there, I was so worried about not having matching shoes and such here, but there was no need, as long as it's vintage looking, or retro, it's trendy, and nothing has to match. SO awesome!

it rained this morning, for the first time since we got here. And it wasn't at all unbearable.

I heard today that I won a VFW contest! I thought my entry had been lost in the mail, since it was submitted back in November. One more thing to add to my list, right? :P

I miss home alot...but I'm having fun. It's hard for me to be over here, and be missing the people I love.

According to someone, you're on camera ALOT here, which is true there are cameras everywhere, ones. Kind of frightening really.

I need to be going, I love and miss you guys, good luck to everyone headed to Nationals. You guys are awesome!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Goshhhh, I soooo wanna move here, except it's so darn expensive.
We're going to see Les Mis tomorrow Julia. Can't wait!
Everything is so darn fashionable too, it's so awesome.

I don't really have time for a "real" post now either, I left my aunt and uncle sleeping at the Hotel, so I should be getting back, and then on to dinner.

I had a "traditional english breakfast" this morning, wuite good really.
We're going to see the changing of the guard tomorrow, love you all!

Hello my friends!

I'm here, in London, having a blast! We got in yesterday morning about 7, went to the hotel changed, and then went to Portabello market, really nice. Went back to the hotel, slept for a few hours, then went to dinner with my uncles friend Amanda, who's lived in the city since she was young. After dinner we walked for a while, saw buckingham palace, and some of the gardens.

Some of you will be happy to know that I am going to see Les Mis while I'm here!!! Along with Chicago(maybe?)

We're going to the Covent Gardens now. So, I'll come back later with pictures.

Love and miss you all!

p.s. I love the tube

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

10 days. I leave on the 12th (Obv.) and get back sometime in June. I can't wait. I'm packing already, it's so exciting!!